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The Vista Field Project

Raw Interviews: What people think about the redevlopment plan:

Information Below Regarding This Project is Provided by the Port of Kennewick:

Vista Field airport HAS CLOSED to all aviation activity. The redevelopment site is being master planned by the Port of Kennewick in partnership with the regional community.  

Within the city limits of Kennewick, Washington between Grandridge Boulevard and West Deschutes Avenue. 

A citizens committee selected Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, and the Port of Kennewick hired them to design a master plan for the 113-acre site situated at the heart of the region's commercial center. Over the next eighteen months, DPZ will  gather community input and craft strategic recommendations for roads, utilities, design  standards, code amendments, key building locations and public spaces, a phasing plan  and financing strategy.  DPZ will work with retail and development experts to bring realistic and appropriate expectations to the visioning and planning process.

In August, Port staff held a FAM (familiarization) tour for members of the consulting team.  The FAM was used to help inform DPZ's leadership team about our region, history, economic drivers, and existing amenities; to view the community during the active summer season; and to help them better understand varied perpectives as they prepare to lead the community visioning process for redeveloping the former Vista Field airport land.  "I was amazed by and impressed with the rich diversity of the Tri-Cities -- its natural beauty, its importance and contributions in the field of energy, opportunities created by the ever-growing wine industry on Red Mountain, and last but not least, the City of Kennewick's own downtown initiatives," said Senen Antonio, a DPZ partner.  "Adding that to the realization that Vista Field is the geographic center of this region, this proposed redevelopment will bring focus to the Tri-Cities with an array of far-reaching benefits."

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