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North Carolina Televangelist Indicted On Charges Of Tax Crimes

Last Updated by Merrit Kennedy on

The televangelist and author of books on faith and finances has allegedly carried out various forms of tax fraud for more than a decade, according to a grand jury's indictment.

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Illinois Bishop Decrees No Communion, Funeral Rites For Same-Sex Spouses

Last Updated by Laurel Wamsley on

Bishop Thomas Paprocki is telling priests in his diocese not to offer sacraments to people in same-sex marriages. A Catholic LGBT group calls the decree "mean-spirited and unchristian in the extreme."

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Third Former Vanderbilt Football Player Found Guilty in Rape of Unconscious Student

Last Updated by Kathy Goldgeier on

A Nashville, Tenn., jury convicted 23-year-old Brandon Banks in the 2013 gang rape of a fellow student. Two former teammates have also been convicted and another has yet to be tried.

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For The Venezuelan Opposition, Protests Are 'Like A War'

Last Updated by Audie Cornish, Heidi Glenn, Christina Cala on

Venezuela has been in political and economic turmoil for months. Daily demonstrations, food shortages and a crackdown on the opposition have forced the country into a near state of collapse.

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How It All Turned Out: A Kindergarten Story, 13 Years Later

Last Updated by Claudio Sanchez on

NPR was there for 5-year-old Sam's first day of kindergarten back in 2004. His parents wondered if he was ready. This month, as he graduated from high school, they're still asking that question.

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Should The Killing Of Nabra Hassanen Have Been Called Road Rage?

Last Updated by Debbie Elliott, Shaheen Ainpour on

Police have characterized the killing of a Muslim teen in Virginia as an instance of road rage. But, what exactly constitutes road rage has been hard to define.

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Russia has been testing cyberwarfare techniques on Ukraine since 2014. What's next?

Last Updated by The World staff on

The World spoke with Wired reporter Andy Greenberg, who found that Russia has been using Ukraine as a testing ground for its cyberwarfare techniques since 2014.

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Nabra Hassanen's murder feeds anti-immigrant rhetoric on the conservative internet

Last Updated by Maria Murriel on

Nabra Hassanen's killer was found to be an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, spurring the claim that undocumented immigrants are dangerous.

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Tupac Shakur Biopic 'All Eyez On Me' Hit With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Last Updated by Andrew Flanagan on

Kevin Powell conducted Tupac's career-defining interviews; now he's suing the filmmakers behind the biopic for using them without his permission.

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I Spent 4 Days In Jail In South Sudan. I Won't Stop Reporting On The Crisis There

Last Updated by Eyder Peralta on

NPR's East Africa correspondent, Eyder Peralta, was seized by armed men and imprisoned without charge just after he'd been given permission to report in South Sudan, ravaged by civil war since 2013.

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'Big Sick' Creators Nanjiani And Gordon On Turning Their Courtship Into A Movie

Last Updated by Audie Cornish, Mallory Yu on

In Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon's new rom-com, girl meets boy, girl contracts a mysterious illness and boy's Pakistani parents struggle to accept the relationship.

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Bike Race Symbolizes Colombia's Transition From War To Peace

Last Updated by John Otis on

As the South American nation of Colombia transitions from war to peace, it is trying to lure visitors to places once rendered off limits by conflict. One village is trying to market its natural beauty through a bike race.

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Carrier Steelworker Responds To Movement Of Jobs To Mexico

Last Updated on

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with T.J. Bray, a steelworker at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis where President Trump said he saved over 1,000 jobs. Last month, Carrier told the state that 600 people will be laid off, and those jobs will be transferred to Mexico.

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Efforts Increase To Bring Health And Other Benefits To Independent Workers

Last Updated by Yuki Noguchi on

The vast majority of the estimated 54 million to 68 million contingent or independent workers in the U.S. don't receive employee benefits, though some firms and lawmakers are trying to change that.

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Mistrial Declared Again In Case Against Cincinnati Ex-Cop Ray Tensing

Last Updated by Tana Weingartner on

The case against former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing has just ended in a mistrial. The jury was unable to reach agreement against Tensing for fatally shooting Sam DuBose during a traffic stop in 2015.

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