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MHz Worldview Changes

Last Updated by Kanale Rhoden on


Dear MHz Worldview affiliate: 

Thank you for your continued support of MHz Worldview. I have some updates for you that affect both MHz Worldview and MHz Choice. We are communicating these updates to our viewers online, through email and on social media. Please feel free to pass along this information to anyone who contacts you directly as well.

First, we’ve decided to suspend the MHz Choice service and re-launch it later this fall. This will allow us to focus our energies on rebuilding it from the ground up to deliver the service we had originally envisioned. MHz Choice streaming will be suspended at midnight on Sunday, May 31st.

Second, we had originally planned to phase out MHz International Mysteries on MHz Worldview TV this June 30th, but in light of the suspension of MHz Choice, we have decided to extend the schedule into the fall and will update you as soon as we have more specific information on when Mysteries will be transitioned into MHz Choice. Please encourage viewers to check our online schedule at www.mhznetworks.com/schedule for mystery listings. 


Thanks for your continued support of NWPTV. If you have any programming questions feel free to send us an email.