Panel Discussion: WA I-732

On Campus @ WSU
Washington's initiative involving a tax on carbon emissions is discussed in this forum.

Quick Hit: Initiative 732 From WA Policy Center

NWPTV Presents
Washington Policy Center breaks down I-732, on this years' ballot.

**These initiatives are from the perspective of the Washington Policy Center and do not necessarily reflect those views of Washington State University or Northwest Public TV. To view more about the Washington Policy Center head to their website** 

NWPTV Election 2016:

NWPTV Presents

NWPTV Election 2016: WA I-1501

Aired: 2016-09-30 17:59:00 1:30 Rating: NR

Washington Policy Center breaks down I-1464, on this years' ballot.

xConnectNW - I-732 Breakdown

xConnect Northwest
Todd Myers joins Greg Mills in discussing the Washington I-732