Books & Memoirs
WWII books written by or about local veterans: 
(All books listed below are available at many major book sellers, unless otherwise stated.)

“Pacific War Marine” 
By Clyde Holloway
The memoirs of Stan Holloway (Pullman, WA), written by his son
Published by: So Many Books,… Inc. – Vancouver, WA 

“WSU Military Veterans: Heros and Legends”
By Dr. C. James Quann 
Published by: Washington State Univeristy 

“Wake Island Pilot”
By Retired Brigadier General John F. Kinney, USMC (Original hometown: Endicott, WA) and James M. McCaffrey 
Published by: Potomac Books Inc. 

“Tribute” -The World War II memoirs of over 160 Whitman County residents.The Council on Aging & Human Services pays tribute to the men and women of Whitman County who lived and told these stories; and to the students who listened and wrote them.

“My World War II” 
By LTC (retired) George W. Isenberg
Read before it goes to press!

Icon IsenbergMyWWIIStoriesJune012007.pdf (640.3 KB)

“History of the United States Ship, New Orleans (CA-32): A Compilation of Historical Data Describing Her Outstanding Service to the Nation during World War II” 
By Henry A. Wristen, FTCS(DV) USN Ret. 

WWII Books recommended by our veteran neighbors:
Recommended by: Les Amundson
"Forever Flying"  
By Bob Hoover 

Recommended by: Les Bishop 
"Catch 22"
By Joseph Heller 

Recommended by: Jim Bogart (his name is listed as a contributor in the back of the book) 
"Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II's Greatest Rescue Mission"
By Hampton Sides 

Recommended by Lawrence Johnston 
"Japan’s Longest Day"
By The Pacific War Research Society 

Recommended by “Battling Bastards of Bataan” Veterans group 
"Tours of Duty: WW II Veterans Personal Stories"
By Eleanor Bertrand 
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Our Neighbors' Stories

Dixie Perry 1
Our Neighbors’ Stories

Dixie Perry 1

Dixie's friends were missing from school, they had been sent to internment camps.

Les Amundson 11
Our Neighbors’ Stories

Les Amundson 11

That B-17 was well built, if you’ve ever been in one, it looked like a flying beer can.

Lester Bishop 5
Our Neighbors’ Stories

Lester Bishop 5

We set the stage for the whole convoy; our ship did, because it was the slowest.

Les Amundson 5
Our Neighbors’ Stories

Les Amundson 5

all four of us were captured at the same time, handcuffed, and taken up by a Gestapo agent

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