Season 1

xConnectNW 101 - Flu Season

On this episode of xConnectNW we spoke with Dr. Dennis Garcia of Washington State University's Health & Wellness Services. Dr. Garcia tells us how we can stay safe this flu season and little tips we can do everyday to stay healthy.

xConnectNW 102 - Coal Trains

On this episode of xConnectNW we explored the Coal Train industry here in Washington state with NWPR's Courtney Flatt. It's been a controversial issue here and abroad.

xConnectNW 103 - I-1351

On this week's show we discussed Washington state's upcoming election, in particular I-1351, K-12 class sizes. Our thanks to Deborah Olson of Pullman's League of Women's Voters.

xConnectNW 104 - MCBONES

A mammoth site just south of the Tri-Cities area is turning bones into a once in a lifetime student learning environment. Gary Kleinknecht of the MCBONES Reasearch Foundation joins us to explain the project.

xConnectNW 105 - Dr. Garcia - Spills & Chills

This week we spoke with Dr. Garcia of WSU's Health & Wellness Services about staying healthy & safe this winter season. 

xConnectNW 106 - Anna King - Methow Valley (Carlton Complex Wildfire Rebuilding Efforts)

This week we spoke to Anna King of the Northwest News Network. She showed us the devistating effects of the Carlton Complex Wildfires and how one community is coming together to rebuild.

xConnectNW 107 - Holiday Alternatives to Cooking with Executive Chef Jamie Callison

This week Washington State University Executive Chef Jamie Callison shared with us his Thanksgiving tips & tricks to spice up the holiday table. He also gave us some good ideas if you're sick of cooking turkey, ham, & mashed potatoes.

xConnectNW 108 - Vet Help, with Dr. Sue Kitchel

Our pets are part of our family but sometimes they think they're human and get into things they shouldn't. On this episode of xConnectNW Greg Mills sits down with Dr. Sue Kitchel to discuss ways to keep our pets safe & happy during the holiday season. Dr. Kitchel also shares with us some stories of how sneaky our pets can be. All that and more on this episode of xConnectNW.

xConnectNW 109 - Getting Active

Dr. Dennis Garcia joined us for our season finale of xConnectNW. This time around he shared some ideas of how to get us off the couch and get us active. Dr. Garcia says you don't need to run a marathon out of the gate, you just have to get active.

xConnectNW 110 - Inland NW Wine

Who doesn't love wine? On this episode of xConnectNW we sit down and talk to Andy Perdue of about what makes our region PERFECT for growing grapes. Also, choosing wines isn't so easy; Perdue explains how we can ease into drinking wines.

xConnectNW 111 - Stress, It's Hurting Us

Stress...we all live with it. On this episode of xConnectNW we sit down with Dr. Dennis Garcia to talk about what stress does to our body, how dangerous it could be for our health and how we can cope with stress in a positive way.

xConnectNW 112 - WSU Contemporary Art Music

This episode we sit down with Dr. Ryan Hare, Director of WSU's Festival of Contemporary Art Music. An interesting conversation about what is contemporary art music and why it means so much to our generation.

xConnectNW 113 - Early Season Bugs

We sit down with Dr. Sue Kitchel to talk about bugs on our pets and how we are seeing them earlier this season.

xConnectNW 114 - Help! I'm Buying/Selling My Home

On this episode of xConnectNW, we sit down with local real estate agent Kris Finch to talk about the process of buying and selling your home. Hear some tips on how to get started.

xConnectNW 115 - Daughters of Hanford

Anna King of Northwest News Networks joins Greg Mills on this week's xConnectNW to discuss her latest project, Daughters of Hanford. Hear what inspired Anna and her team to tell these stories!

xConnectNW 116 - Visit Tri-Cities

Kim Shugart, Senior Vice-President of the Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau sits down with xConnectNW to discuss tourist attractions and sight-seeing in the greater Tri-Cities region. 

xConnectNW 117 - SARC

Support Advocacy and Resource Center Program Director Renee Blackman sat down with us to discuss this organization. Hear how to get involved!

xConnectNW 118 - Pullman Police

On this week's episode xConnectNW, we sit down with Pullman Police Officer Scott Patrick as he discusses safety and substance abuse prevention in local schools. 

xConnectNW 119 - Relocating Bears

Biologists work in national parks to reintroduce Grizzly bears into the Pacific Northwest. Plus, safety tips for hiking and camping.

xConnectNW 120 - OSO: The Affect on Journalists

Over a year ago a devistating landslide changed the Oso, Washington area forever. This week on xConnectNW we sit down with two WSU students who went back a year after the tragedy to see how it affected the journalists who covered that story.

xConnectNW 121 - Master Gardener

On this week's episode of xConnect NW we were joined by master gardener Tana Truscott as she gives us some tips on how to prepare our gardens for the upcoming summer months.

xConnectNW 122 - NW Floods 

We sit down with Bruce Bjornstad, a geologist from Richland, WA. He shares with us the history of Ice Age Floods and how they have shaped our region.

xConnectNW 123 - WA/ID Symphony

The Washington/Idaho Symphony, established in 1971, is a regional program caitering to the Lewiston, Clarkston, Moscow and Pullman area to deliver culturally exquisite music with world-class sound and production. 

xConnectNW 124 - Homestead Ministires

Homestead ministries is a local organization that helps find solutions to feed the hungry here in the great northwest. Co-founders Greg Nolan and Tom Riedner sit down with us to share their amazing work with us.

xConnectNW 125 - Criminal Records

Whitman County District Court Judge Douglas Robinson explains that often people perform illegal acts that they believe will not affect them in the future. In reality, those unlawful actions have major consequences and long-lasting effects.

xConnectNW 126 - Police Internship

Officer Kelly Stewart, Internship Coordinator for WSU Police, is joined by current intern Justin Smith and former intern Matthew Drumheller to talk about the benefits of the Washington State University Police Internship Program. 

xConnectNW 127 - Earthquakes

WSU Geologists and Geophysicist Catherine Cooper joins Research Geologist for the United State Geological Survey Richard Briggs to explain the cause of an earthquake.

xConnectNW 128 - The Foley Institute 

Cornell Clayton, Director of the Thomas S Foley institute is joined by former WSU president Samuel H. Smith to talk about the mission of the Foley Institute and the effect it has on the collegiate community 

xConnectNW Special - Wildfires

What you can do to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

xConnectNW129 - GIESORC

Zach Carder, student mentor and former student ambassador at the Gender, Identity, Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC) talks about the current position of LGBT rights and resources at Washington State University (WSU) in addition to the surrounding area.

xConnectNW130 - Endangered Butterflies

Architect and Butterfly Surveryor Jim Dillman joins us to discuss the history of how butterfies were introduced to our region as well as environment factors that are endangering butterflies. 

xConnectNW131 - Cougar Athletic Fund

Uri Farkas sits down with us to talk about the Cougar Athletic Fund and how the fundraising arm within WSU Athletics supports student-athletes.

xConnectNW132 - Get Out & Have Fun! 

Katelyn Spradley, graduate assistant for Outdoor Recreation through University Recreation at WSU talks to us about the benefits of outdoor recreation and the various trips the ORC plans for the future. 

xConnectNW 133 - Talk of the Earth

Bree Harris, Student Ambassador for the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, talks with us about the one of the biggest and diverse WSU colleges and delves into how the college is much more than agriculture.

xConnectNW 134 - Béisbol 

Kim Izaguirre-Merlos, a Freelance Journalist for NPR joins us to discuss why the sport of professional baseball is detrimental to the futures of many young Latino men.

xConnectNW 135 - CrossFit

CrossFit is an up-tempo exercise program that is sweeping the nation.

xConnectNW 136 - WSU Museum of Art

Ryan Hardesty and Zach Maser, two curators from the WSU Museum of Art join us to discuss all of what this museum has to offer.

xConnectNW 137 - Winter Health

Doctor Dennis J. Garcia talks to us about health concerns to be aware of during the winter months for students and the surrounding community.

xConnectNW 138 - UI Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Paul Warnick, arboretum horticulturist superintendetn at the Arboretum and Botanical at the University of Idaho talk to us about the arboretum, about winter preparation and gives us some history about it. 

xConnectNW 139 - Fallen In Love with Radio

We sit down with student Journalist Angela Nguyen as she shares her passion for radio!

xConnectNW 140 - Wine, What A Special Gift 

On this episode of xConnectNW we sit down and talk to Andy Perdue of to talk about which types of wines make for great gifts for every occasion!

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