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Gary Kleinknecht of the MCBONES Reasearch Foundation joins us to explain the project.

Producer: Kari Watkins
Host: Greg Mills 

Online Version By: Kanale Rhoden, Director xConnectNW

PULLMAN, WA -- Mammoth bones found just south of the Tri-Cities area are creating quite a learning environment for students.

Gary Kleinknecht of the MCBONES Research Center Foundation tells NWPTV that "it's an opportunity for kids in the area [...] to come out and actually see how this kind of research is done." On the mammoth site the foundation has created numerous stations that allow students to work in the dirt and actually help with the dig.

In 2008 Kleinknecht says the bones were rediscovered. One of the people responsible for finding the bones decided to send a picture to a local paleontologist and the rest we can say is history.

Check out this SLIDESHOW of the MCBONES site:

More information on the mammoth site head to


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