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This episode we sit down with Dr. Ryan Hare, Director of WSU's Festival of Contemporary Art Music.

Producer: Kari Watkins

Online Version: Kanale Rhoden, Director/Producer & Destiny Liley, Associate Producer

Posted: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 | 9:30 a.m.


Dr. Ryan Hare is the Director of the Festival of Contemporary Art Music Festival with the School of Music at WSU. He is also a composer and a professional bassoonist and has many degrees in composition. With his first professional music gig at the age of 18, he explains how choosing between composing and performing is challenging since he enjoys them both. “It’s really impossible to choose,” Hare said, “I have the luxury of not having to choose.”

When asked how he developed an interest in contemporary music, Hare discussed how a musical piece by the name of “Right of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky originally drew him into the realm of contemporary music. “In his day it was very modern, and has become iconic for this shift away from common practice tonality. A shift into something new.” Hare said.  

The Festival of Contemporary Art Music is a festival that showcases music by local artists and more specifically focuses on the question “What does it mean to live in 2015 America?” Hare explained. The festival mainly focuses on the use of traditional and acoustic instruments and is more modern than classical music. “Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms – they belong to a traditional that we call the common practice tonal period. A lot of what we understand about harmony, melody and rhythm is all in that tradition.” Hare said.

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