xConnectNW 115 - Daughters of Hanford

Anna King of Northwest News Networks joins Greg Mills on this week's xConnectNW to discuss her latest project, Daughters of Hanford.


Producer:  Destiny Liley

Online Version: Destiny Liley, Associate Producer

Posted:Monday, March 9, 2015 | 7:00 p.m.


Anna King of Northwest News Network discussed her new project, titled Daughters of Hanford. “This is a series of stories about 12 different women who have either been affected by the Hanford site or caused change to the Hanford site.” King said. In July of 2015, portraits and audio stories of each woman will be shown at the Hanford REACH Interpretive Center in Richland, WA, allowing people to listen to each story as they walk through the museum.

The name of the series mainly came from King’s husband who works on the site as a scientist. He suggested that she named the series something with the word “daughters” in it because in science, a daughter is “the isotope that is formed by the radioactive decay of another isotope.” King said. Hanford is the nucleus and the women are all of the Hanford stories.

King said while looking for women to profile in the series, she used women that she knew had to be a part of the series. Washington state’s U.S. Senator Patty Murray who is one of the daughters, plays a huge role in the Daughters of Hanford by advocating for clean up of the Hanford site and bringing in millions of dollars to the site.

More stories about the Daughter’s of Hanford can be seen and heard at the REACH Interpretive Center, on the Daughters of Hanford website, or on Northwest Public Radio. King is also in the process of creating a geo-mapping app where you will get a notification on your phone if you drive past somewhere that is significant to the Daughters of Hanford series. 

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