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On this week's episode xConnectNW, we sit down with Pullman Police Officer Scott Patrick as he discusses safety and substance abuse prevention in local schools.

Producer: Greg Mills

Online Version:  Kanale Rhoden, Director/Producer & Destiny Liley, Associate Producer

Posted:  Monday, March 30, 2015 | 10:00 p.m.


Pullman Police Officer, Scott Patrick said his primary role as a School Resource Officer is to keep schools safe and secure, and provide an educational environment where kids feel safe. He is also the D.A.R.E instructor for a 5th grade class.

Patrick has been a School Resource Officer for 2 years, and has been in law enforcement for over 27 years, and has a passion for substance abuse prevention. When trying to describe what a normal day for him is like, he described it by saying “...there is no real normal.” The majority of his time is spent at the high school, where his office is located. 

“Primarily relationship building with the kids, trying to be a positive role mode, to be approachable, helping them with life skills, and working closely with the principal and vice principal” Patrick explained when asked what his job consists of.

A few of the programs that Patrick helps facilitate include the decision-making model of the D.A.R.E program that consists of a 10-lesson program. He also conducts a monthly Internet safety program for students and parents, and is in the process of starting an online program.

Patrick enjoys working with children of all ages, but the 5th graders are his favorite. “Fifth graders are amazing little creatures,” Patrick said laughing. “I probably have the most enjoyable job. It’s a long kept secret that I don’t want anyone else to apply for.” Interaction with all kids, and the opportunity to make an impact in their lives is the positive that he takes away from his job.


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