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Homestead ministries is a local organization that helps find solutions to feed the hungry here in the great northwest. Co-founders Greg Nolan and Tom Riedner sit down with us to share their amazing work.

Producer: Greg Mills, Producer/Editor
Online VersionKanale Rhoden, Director/Producer
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2015 | 9:00 p.m.


"We both have a passion to help people" says co-founder, Tom Riedner, Homestead Ministries.

Greg Nolan and Tom Riedner began Homestead Ministries in the back of a pick-up truck after they saw the need to help feed people/families in our area. Nolan and Riedner pack up a trailer on the weekends full of kidney beans, spices, lentils and split peas and travel to different organizations around our area, looking for people to help fill bags of soup. Those calls definitely do not go unanswered.

In fact their first job was to make 10,000 bags of soup. It was a bold task, but these guys and volunteers took on the task head on. Nolan said, "that was a big start and I should've been a little more trusting." Nolan and Riender both say, if it weren't for the volunteers they wouldn't have made their goal. 

These guys don't do it alone, both have full-time jobs, but what keeps them going is their families support and the communities support.

People are always calling Nolan and Riedner to thank them for their work. One call in particular Nolan recalls really hit him as to the variety of people that need these soup bags. "We run the food bank in the Grangeville area and I want to tell you a story" Nolan said. "We have a lot of windowers that come in and their wife did all their cooking their whole lives [...] they don't know how to cook." "We give them a crock pot, a bag of your soup and we teach them how to cook," and it's a hit! Those types of calls make you feel good inside says Nolan.

To find out more about Homestead Ministries visit their facebook page (website coming soon).

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Homestead Ministries

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