xConnectNW 126 - WSU Police Internship

Internship Coordinator for the WSU Police Internship is joined by current intern Justin Smith and former intern Matthew Drumheller to talk about the benefits of the WSU Police Internship.

Producer: Tyler DeLong, Associate Producer
Online Version: Tyler DeLong
Posted: May 1, 2015 | 4:00 p.m.


Internship Coordinator for WSU Police, Officer Kelly Stewart is joined by current intern Justin Smith and former intern Matt Drumheller to talk about the Washington State University Police Internship Program. 

Officer Stewart said that most of the interns choose a career in the criminal justice field, however, some choose a different path. Stewart explained that the role of the internship is to help students with their collegiate life and to bolster their professional careers in "whatever field they choose to go in." Stewart said the internship with the WSU Police Department is different than their average collegiate life in the fact that students gain hands-on experience that they would otherwise be without.

Internship Sergeant Justin Smith shares the same sentiments about the program. "I've learned so much more than I've learned in my classes." He said, "You learn applicable knowledge that you are going to be using when you get into a field of law enforcement."

Matt Drumheller, Officer at Whitman County Jail said that the program "opened doors" for him. He said that he is able to take the skills he learned with the internship and apply those skills to his work and everyday life.

Stewart said the program has about a 90 percent success rate of interns receiving a job within the first year.

For more information feel free to log on to the WSU Police Department website and click the link to the internship program or call the WSU Police Department. 

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