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GIESORC provides students at WSU a safe place to express themselves.

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Posted: Sept.15, 2015 | 2:00 p.m.


Zach Carder, student mentor and former student ambassador at the Gender, Identity, Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC) talks about the current position of LGBT rights and resources at Washington State University (WSU) in addition to the surrounding area.

GIESORC was founded in 1994 as students pushed for increased LGBT rights. In 1995, The Center was established on the ground floor of the Compton Union Building (CUB). Today, The Center -- known as GIESORC -- is located on the fourth floor of the CUB (CUB 401) as the univeristy diversity strived toward more easily acessible resources.

Carder, a three-year veteran for GIESORC said that he has seen an increase in attendance at GIESORC after the supreme court decision as more students thought "it's ok to come out." He said that after Ref. 74 (Washington state's gay rights referendum), gay marriage was legal in Washington anyway and that the community was already embracing a changing demographic.

GIESORC works with resources in the surrounding area -- Inland Oasis, Planned Parenthood, U of I GSA, etc. -- to not only build a rapport with the community, but also to provide LGBT students and members of the area support and help.

In addition to food banks, clothing drives and various philanthropics off campus, GIESORC also provides monthly gatherings so that the organization can point students and members of the area in the right direction.

Carder said that LGBT rights have come far, but that "the next step is trans* rights," which GIESORC hopes to teach with their ALLY and Trans* ALLY training.

Reglardless of where a person is whith their gender or sexuality, Carder said that GIESORC is an excellent place to start the conversation so you can be who you really are.

Resources and LGBT information talked about during this interview can be found here.

Resource links:


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