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Some fun ideas to get you outside, featuring Katelyn Spradley from the ORC at WSU

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Posted: Oct.6, 2015 | 2:30 a.m


Participating in outdoor activities is an excellent way to gain many psychological, physiological and physical health benefits.Outdoor recreation through university recreation at Washington state university provides open-air opportunities to both w-s-u students and the surrounding community. Outdoor recreation (ORC), features trips, programs and expeditions in a safe, inclusive environment to foster personal development, and enrich the quality of life. University outings have included hiking the Palouse falls and Steptoe butte in addition to kayaking the Snake River. 

Katelyn Spradley, graduate assistant for adventure programs through University Recreation at Washington State University works with adventure programs, climbing walls and challenge course. Additionally, Spradley organizes trips, covers risk management protocol and generates ideas to improve customer base in ORC.

Spradley said the ORC started in 1971 and followed the lead of other collegiate organizations like Outward Bound and The National Outdoor Leadership School.

"Not everyone knows how to get into outdoor recreation ... If they know there's a specific place on campus ... they know where they can go to find those opportunities," Spradley said.

Furthermore, outdoor recreation provides greater benefits than just opportunities to learn new skills.  

Spradley said that participating in outdoor recreation can alleviate stress, in addition to strengthening creativity and adding both cardiovascular and muscular training.

The ORC provides about 30 - 40 trips per semester, including excursions throughout the weekday, on the weekends and every Wednesday.

"Typically, our trips are smaller. Our average size is about six participants," Spradley said. The ORC can, however, provide outdoor expeditions for an increased amount of people should the need arise.  

Often, Spradley said, students and members of the community are hesitant of trying new things."We are here to give (individuals) exposure. We want to direct you to an area where you can find something that you do love," she said.  

The ORC is open not only to students of WSU, but also to members of the surrounding community. 

To find out more information about outdoor recreation visit the UREC website. Be sure to click on the ORC tab and look for trips, expeditions, travels, hikes or indoor preparatory information.

Outdoor Recreation at WSU

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