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Posted: October 19, 2015 | 2:00 p.m.


In the Unites States, baseball is seen as a pastime, a family outing, and a fun extra curricular activity. However, in some countries like Cuba, Venezuela, or the Dominican Republic, baseball is the opportunity for players to come to the U.S. with hopes of establishing a professional career and changing the lives of not only themselves, but their families.

The MLB relies heavily on foreign talent for their teams, but getting filtered through the minor leagues is not always so easy. Kim Izaguirre-Merlos is a Freelance Journalist from NPR who follows theses players in an attempt to make connections between everyday life and the sport of baseball. Understanding what it’s like to face challenges, Kim believes that in a way, she can relate to the lives and everyday struggles of these players.

Many foreign players, some as young as nineteen, leave their hometowns with the dream of striking it big in the major leagues. Enduring long days, practicing baseball all day through the middle of the night, attending classes to better their English skills, and attempting to remain healthy are just a few challenges these men face while making their way through the Minor Leagues, in hopes of making it to the Major Leagues.

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