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Dr. Garcia joins us in studio talk about about health concerns during the winter months.

Producer: Tyler DeLong | Associate producer
Online Version: Tyler DeLong
Posted: Nov.10, 2015 | 12:00 a.m.


Winter is rapidly approaching and there are health-related concerns and winter preparation requirements that individuals should be aware of. Doctor Dennis J. Garcia talked to us about staying healthy over the holiday season and informed us on how to prepare for the winter months.

"Influenza is always a big thing," Garcia said. "[Influneza tends to be a late winter infection, but over the past seven or eight years it has migrated across the calendar and can show up in early August."

Garcia said that additionally, Health & Wellness would be on the lookout for mononucleosis (Mono) and strep throat.

It is still important to eat healthy and not change diets from month to month Garcia said.

"Fruits and vegetables do make-up part of our preventative [internal] medicines," Garcia said. "Keep out of crowds," and remember to exercise. According the Center for Disease Control (CDC), adults need at least two and a half hours (150 min) a week of physical activity. 

 "You want to find activities that you can do indoors," Garcia said. "Maintain your same schedule."

Additionally, students and members of the surrounding community should halt tobacco use and smoking in general. Members of the community are also encourages to stop high-risk binge drinking that can lower life expectancy and life expectancy of those around you.

" Just this semester, we've had people fall from highs and off of balconies and fire escapes," Garcia said.

The number one way to fight illness this winter is to wash your hands. 

"Get your flu shot, and get your meningitis shot," Garcia Said. "Student are at much higher risk because of the condensed living spaces. 

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