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A local group at WSU seeks to get people moving and on the dance floor.

Producer: Elizabeth Medina, Associate Producer

Online Version: Elizabeth Medina

Posted: March 29, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

Among the many different registered student organizations at Washington State University, an up and coming dance group has continued to promote cultural diversity among students and faculty by coming together for the sole purpose of dance. On this week’s show, we welcome two members from Group Effort Dance Company.

Group Effort formed about three years ago. Several students who lived in the dorms realized many of them loved to dance, and got the amazing idea to get together and do just that, dance. This dance group is diverse in the sense that not only are students of all backgrounds welcomed, dances from cultures are greatly accepted. From ballet and lyrical to hip hop and Salsa, Group Effort has been able to bring several cultures together.

Group Effort Dance members Emma Hall and Jackson Ferderer shared their experience as to how Group Effort changed their overall experience at WSU. Jackson’s main motivation to join Group Effort was the desire to learn how to dance and after talking with one of the founders of the dance group, he got the opportunity to do so. As for Emma who joined Group Effort last fall, says she was invited to the group after having danced with another founder of the dance group.

Emma and Jackson both say Group Effort has allowed them to grow as individuals and as dancers. Both have been able to perform at cultural events showcasing their talents to many people. Emma and Jackson say one of their favorite performances has been Shades of Black at the University of Idaho.

As Group Effort gets closer to wrapping up its third year as a registered student organization, the group has collaborated with other dance groups on campus and continues to recruit all students with the desire to dance. With more than 50 members enrolled, Group Effort has succeeded in continuing to diversify. Students from all sorts of racial backgrounds and academic interests have come together to break the status quo on the WSU campus.


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